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Turtle Island Herp is and has been seriously dedicated to the complete and proper rearing of exotics animals for over 2 decades. It is our main goal to establish an international registration and collection of information for those keepers who are following the same standards that we uphold and through that create an entire new world for the keepers and animals alike. Having traveled, studied and worked with dozens of different species of fauna it became clear we as a whole need to do much better with our dependents. We dont make claims we provide results that create progressive opportunities to learn and grow. 


Create opportunities for the animals then  and the keepers. How we do that is by connecting with the right people to collect the exact and complete information regarding species. These people are like me and you , some of this work in zoological facilities, some are herpetologist and some are just people who want to provide a thriving living environment not simply something that is simple and suitable. Over the decades our husbandry techniques used by the majority do not create thriving environment. Generally what you see is animals in stacked cages and racks to maintain space with a main focus of financial gain. Even our reptile expos that have been called “shows“ for decades do not focus on growth or being informative. Instead it is strictly a buy sell trade event where many animals are poorly cared , mislabeled , being sold by peddlers who are there for a quick dollar . So what we do is bring that to the light I believe that’s the definition of exposure. There’s a difference between having a deep love and passion for something especially when dealing with living dependents then there is for someone who’s trying to stroke their ego by gaining acceptance from others in the animal world. What we do is create the divided between those type of people because only one of them is actually beneficial to research. We have specific goals to achieve and those goals will shape and evolve our results constantly.  Animals are always being forced to adapt as the planet changes and as humans cause more harm than help with that assistance . Which brings me to a huge goal and that is to repair if and when possible the damage done . Conservation and preservation projects have been around for a long time and some have had more success than others but it’s not enough when there’s a lot more that can be done . 

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