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Welcome to the I.M.R.E.

The International Molosser Registration and Exhibition


Our main focus at IMRE are the molosser or mastiff type breeds and crosses commonly called bandogs. Dedicated to preserving the original standards (true type) without altering the health , functionality , temperament , and all around wellness.   Anything bred against set breed  standards or produced in a manner that would reduce or diminish the purity will not be tolerated.  Any of the list breeds that have attached paper work from registrations such FCI,AKC,UKC,AND CKC will be honored and granted a set of IMRE registration papers.


However we will only be printing and maintaining pedigrees on IMRE registristed canines , meaning your pedigrees will start a new with this registration.


We are accepting canines of the breeds listed that do not have any attachments (documents) to any listed registriries via pictoral evaluation. See Registraion of unpapered canines for details.


Bandog or Breeds in development need to email with Breed Research in the subject. Here you will be given a specific list of needs for obtaining breed recognition.


Breeds Acknowledged


Cane Corso (itailano)

Cane De Presa

Neapolotian Masitff

Olde English Mastiff

Presa Canario

American Bulldog both types


Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel


Colossal Masitff

Presa Mayo


Olde English Bulldogge ( Hermes and Leavitt)

French Mastiff


Dogo Argentino

Caucasian shepard

Great Dane

Ca de Bou

Bully Kutta

Gull Dong



Once we reach numbers great than Foundation Serivce Stock which for us will be in the amount of 500 dogs per listed we will begin to formulate breed specific clubs and competetions.

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For more information on the Registration and ways to contribute please email or Imessage at the listed contact info.


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